10 Ways to Integrate APIs into eCommerce Website


Being called traditional has no juice, especially when we talk about ecommerce market. Traditional suggests conventional, one that are not ready to change with the shift. The current scenario of online business conduction covers every aspect of potential selling medium including web, mobiles, tablets, social media, third party integration and more. If you lag in any of it, consider that if not today, you are definitely going to have to wrap up soon.

The e-commerce trend which had become a major talk at the end of the last year with the tagline of “Ecommerce trends to be followed in 2017” is one such aspect which every online seller must cover in their business — Application Programming Interface (API).

Application Programming Interface are more or less like a set of rules that allow third party apps to trigger communication between two systems, applications or platforms. APIs are all over the internet and have taken a big spot in the ecommerce market. If you are an unfolding digital entrepreneur who doesn’t want to lie in the category of “traditional seller”, you must leverage APIs into your working model.

We have discussed about 10 ways of integrating APIs into online selling sites which may definitely play its part in taking your business altogether to a new level.

Source: Application Programming Interface (API) – The Present and Future of eCommerce World


How to Install Mysql on Ubuntu?

Install mysql

If you have not already done so in the install php step, make sure that your installer is up to date:

sudo aptitude update

To install mysql with the necessary modules:

sudo aptitude install mysql-client mysql-server

The installation process will ask you to create a root password for mysql. You will need this password in the next step.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception regarding the Mage registry key “_singleton

Point to Remember concerning the Magento Compiler:

Whenever one installs the 3rd party extension or module and if he/she faces the Fatal error: Uncaught exception regarding the Mage registry key “_singleton/ and so on.. then It would/may point one’s attention towards the Magento compilation state.

“What is being Happening…!”:

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