Why Login via Social Profiles are Popular Among eCommerce Stores

5 Strong Reasons Why Should Allow Users To Login With Social Media Profiles

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Does your registration process asks so many personal information to fill? Did you notice many visitors left from your site because of your lengthy registration process? With the help of login via social profiles, your competitors provides them ease. Moreover, users do not have to remember their passwords at all. This feature is definitely beneficial to your competitors’ users who are on their smartphones where they just have to click login via Facebook or any other profiles and just finish their purchase process.

So, here are the strong reasons why using social login option can be beneficial to your eCommerce website as well.

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eCommerce Website Best Practices in Search Box Placement

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Site search is one of the most important feature but many times it’s neglected to optimize by website owners. It is essential to have the right site search function at the right place so that visitors can use it effectively. As per the earlier survey, between 11% and 15% of visitors starts shopping after searching in the website.

Also, People do not have much patience when they are searching for something on the website.  So, if they couldn’t find what they are looking for, they will say bye-bye to your website. With the use of effective search functionality, you can improve site conversion rates. Let’s check out how you can improve your site search functionality.

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The Rising E-Commerce Trends in the UK

Vanessa Magers

According to a recent survey, ecommerce turned into double digit growth, as shoppers flocked online to purchase goods and services. Historically, the UK has had some of the highest retail profit margin in the world, hence when the internet came along and brought levels of competition and transparency, especially with electrical goods, it just took off like a rocket. image courtesy http://blog.heliossolutions.in/the-rising-e-commerce-trends-in-the-uk/ 

Online retail sales in the UK is predicted to reach 52.25 billion Euros this year, which is 16.2% increase in 2014, when the total stood up to 44.97 billion Euros.

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Half of Canadians shop online once a month: Poll

Global News

TORONTO – Almost half of Canada’s Internet users are now shopping online at least once a month, suggests a new report.

About 87 per cent of the Canadian respondents in an online poll conducted for PricewaterhouseCoopers said they shop online at least once a year, while 49 per cent said they do so on a monthly basis.

Of the minority who are still not interested in doing any kind of shopping online, just over half said it’s because they’re concerned about the security of their personal data.

Citing that reason for avoiding web shopping was up 10 percentage points compared to a similar survey conducted for the firm a year earlier.

In January, MasterCard’s SpendingPulse reported that Canadian e-commerce spending in December represented 7.8 per cent of total retail sales, a new high. For 2013, e-commerce sales in Canada were up by 2.3 per cent.

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Mistakes to avoid with ecommerce customer data

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Collecting data about shoppers is essential for ecommerce businesses. Demographic, social, and behavioral data provides insights to merchants for marketing campaigns, product improvements, and to offer better customer service.

However, when not implemented correctly, data-centric strategies can do more harm than good.

Below are four common mistakes ecommerce merchants make when dealing with customer data.

Not Talking with Shoppers

Technological advancements in behavioral targeting and analytics enable you to collect data and activity without direct communication with shoppers. These days, you can determine whether shoppers like a product without talking to them or asking them to fill out a survey.

And while being passive with your data collection efforts is fast and convenient, doing it too much can alienate shoppers.

That’s why it’s important to collaborate with them. Gather insights by actually communicating with your shoppers. Let them share their information through surveys or quizzes. Direct your customer service representatives…

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