The Origin of Loop Commerce

Loop Commerce Blog

Like so many endeavors with game-changing ambitions, the genesis of Loop Commerce kicked off with the need to solve a small but all-too-common challenge.

When I learned that an old business school classmate and his wife had become parents, I wanted to present them with a suitable, thoughtful gift for their newborn. What could be simpler, right? But what should have been a straightforward act of affection turned into a gifting minefield when I realized that I didn’t know their address, nor did I have any idea what sort of baby gifts they had on hand or cared about.

This frustration prompted a flurry of questions: Why am I asked questions I can’t possibly answer during the shopping experience and checkout such as a favorite color, size or their exact shipping address? Why must the only “easy” option be to buy a gift card, which does not fit my criteria…

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