The Layers of Magento Site Design

Alan Kent's Blog

orange-layer-cakeIn my work before eBay, when we designed a public web site it was all about menu structures, navigation flows, moving on to wire frames, design look-and-feel, and in our case design the information model behind the site (as we built sites driven from our text database product).

In reading up on Magento recently one thing that struck me is Magento did not have the same feel.  While Magento gives you complete control over pretty well everything, the model is for the core product plus the extension modules you install to define the site structure. You can then change it if you do not like it.

This change of focus took me a little to get my head around, but is fundamental to the module architecture of Magento.  Here is how I look at it now.

You have the core Magento product plus modules that you layer on top of…

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