Why is B2B Ecommerce Still Lagging Behind B2C?

Shifting Units

It’s no secret that the B2B world has been slow to adapt to e business. I’m currently working for a B2B company which operates in 5 core countries, and yet has ecommerce in only 2. And we are by no means unusual in this. Back in 2012, Forrester conducted a survey on behalf of Oracle in which they found no examples of B2B companies who had been operating ecommerce for more than 10 years, and a mere 25% of the companies surveyed even had an ecommerce site. In 2012!

But why? Presumably these companies, some of which are global corporate giants, are not oblivious to the revolution that has taken place in consumer retailing.

It’s complicated

I think the answer lies in the massive complexity of most B2B companies, which support a range of business models (distributors, wholesale, direct) with multiple brands, currencies and languages, with personalised pricing and catalogues, and…

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