How to Install Mysql on Ubuntu?

Install mysql

If you have not already done so in the install php step, make sure that your installer is up to date:

sudo aptitude update

To install mysql with the necessary modules:

sudo aptitude install mysql-client mysql-server

The installation process will ask you to create a root password for mysql. You will need this password in the next step.


Install PHP on Ubuntu Server

Make sure that your installer is up to date:
sudo aptitude update
To install php5 with the necessary modules:

sudo aptitude install php5 php5-mhash php5-mcrypt php5-curl
php5-cli php5-mysql php5-gd

The Origin of Loop Commerce

Loop Commerce Blog

Like so many endeavors with game-changing ambitions, the genesis of Loop Commerce kicked off with the need to solve a small but all-too-common challenge.

When I learned that an old business school classmate and his wife had become parents, I wanted to present them with a suitable, thoughtful gift for their newborn. What could be simpler, right? But what should have been a straightforward act of affection turned into a gifting minefield when I realized that I didn’t know their address, nor did I have any idea what sort of baby gifts they had on hand or cared about.

This frustration prompted a flurry of questions: Why am I asked questions I can’t possibly answer during the shopping experience and checkout such as a favorite color, size or their exact shipping address? Why must the only “easy” option be to buy a gift card, which does not fit my criteria…

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M-Commerce From 10% To The Moon?

Epic eCommerce

M-Commerce is all over the internet as companies gear up for the hot new shift in e-commerce. While many people use their mobile phone for shopping and it’s projected to possibly surpass shopping from computers it isn’t necessarily that big right now. At least, mobile commerce is not nearly as big as it is in China or India. How many of you shop from your smart phone?



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The Layers of Magento Site Design

Alan Kent's Blog

orange-layer-cakeIn my work before eBay, when we designed a public web site it was all about menu structures, navigation flows, moving on to wire frames, design look-and-feel, and in our case design the information model behind the site (as we built sites driven from our text database product).

In reading up on Magento recently one thing that struck me is Magento did not have the same feel.  While Magento gives you complete control over pretty well everything, the model is for the core product plus the extension modules you install to define the site structure. You can then change it if you do not like it.

This change of focus took me a little to get my head around, but is fundamental to the module architecture of Magento.  Here is how I look at it now.

You have the core Magento product plus modules that you layer on top of…

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