Magento Go – What is it?

The latest Magento product to throng the eCommerce industry is Magento Go. Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, this online service actually creates an online store for you within a span of minutes. The intricacies of Servers and software are handled by Magento and you have to just relax and start your online store without any hiccups.

This is the best way to start online selling in a blink miss time. Matching the pace of online store industry is a task but with the advent of Magento Go you can really start your endeavour without losing time for selecting the software and building an online store. The next obvious question that arises is who have to use it?

Magento Go price structure – You can try it 30-Day before buy. It builds a fully fledged eCommerce store based on your specifications in the shortest possible time. All these merits can be availed by a new businessman or an Entrepreneur venturing into the online business as this is cost effective yet absolutely pro for setting up an online store or refurbishing an existing store.

Magento Go services can be put forth as follows:

  • Customizable design
  • Unlimited product option
  • Industry leading SEO
  • Retention and Loyalty
  • Customer engagement
  • Magneto connect extensions

Magneto Go supports optimized high availability hosting, Connect Delivery Network (CDN), is PCI compliant and automatic upgrades while the community edition lacks all these features. Thus, in the battle of Magento Go vs. Magento Community, Magneto Go appears a clear winner.You should need to consult with professional at creating stores with Magento Go, who assure high end results through the expertise in diverse realms of Magento including Magento SaaS, Magneto Go mobile apps development, building Magneto Go extensions and integrating add-ons with Magneto Go.


5 thoughts on “Magento Go – What is it?

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