Fatal error: Uncaught exception regarding the Mage registry key “_singleton

Point to Remember concerning the Magento Compiler:

Whenever one installs the 3rd party extension or module and if he/she faces the Fatal error: Uncaught exception regarding the Mage registry key “_singleton/ and so on.. then It would/may point one’s attention towards the Magento compilation state.

“What is being Happening…!”:

If the magento Compilation was enabled by run it in the past and current day, the attempt for the installation of the 3rd party extension(s) made. so, compiler was looking into kind of its repository and/or ‘includes/src’ and the entries for the newly installed extension was not found. So, the system causes the registry error.

Suggested Solution:

For that; one can go to server [where Magento resides] command prompt and follow:

First of all; has to reach to the Magento root directory then,

cd shell
php -f compiler.php help and can get the below output:

state        Show Compilation State
compile    Run Compilation Process
clear        Disable Compiler include path and Remove compiled files
enable      Enable Compiler include path
disable     Disable Compiler include path
help         This help

The shell commands can be fired with following manner:

php -f compiler.php disable
php -f compiler.php clear
php -f compiler.php compile

Performing compilation process may eliminate such errors But, It is recommended to:

Not compile the Magento while on production server.

Disable the compiler.


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