Multi Store eCommerce Platform: Create Multiple Ecommerce Stores

These days eCommerce becomes one of the leading solutions for businesses; different companies are presented with challenge about how to increase sales and how to increase reach to targeted customers.

The Multi Store eCommerce Scenario enables you to easily & efficiently design and manage different web storefronts by using single database management and a single point of control. Here each & every store is defined with its unique domain name, design scheme, part numbers as well as search engine optimization. Also allows clients to share resources, data and promotions between different stores with complete ease.

Make use of Multi Store eCommerce strategy and make multiple online stores using a single shared database in order to provide all clients with relevant online shopping experience. You can also use this functionality with multiple brands, multiple product catalogues or promotional micro websites. This unique & centralised multi-store ecommerce management system allows the users to add and modify different catalogue products from same dashboard.

Advantages of Multi Store eCommerce Open Source Strategy:

  • Faceted navigation for better conversions: All your consumers can easily and quickly find out products by using simple sections or different filters in order to reduce search result.
  • Enterprise-class performance: Efficiently manage high transaction and visitor volume using standard configurations.
  • User-friendly dashboard: Lets you make new web stores, run promotional campaigns and also manage customers with ease using single dashboard.
  • SEO-friendly ecommerce platform: This development process ensures that all codes are optimized for best possible ranking on search engine.
  • Centralized inventory management system
  • Real-time store level information
  • Self-governing shopping carts with capability to share centralized databases

Also includes powerful reporting capability that provides complete visibility in the activity across all online stores. This multi-store ecommerce platform is specifically designed to manage high transaction volumes as well as visitor traffic. It is also possible to make market-specific storefronts in order to enhance overall customer relevance.

Multi-store management scenario combines various numbers of stores as well as unlimited databases from single admin panel. This powerful capability allows all marketers to build promotional micro stores within just few hours.

This article created by ZenGo! Web Services.


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